Thursday, October 31, 2013

Miley Cyrus is Lil Kim & Ellen is Nicki Minaj - Who wins this battle?!

You may recall Miley Cyrus' epic Nicki Minaj costume last year for halloween. She mastered it. This year Miley went with another infamous female rapper, & quite frankly tackled her most infamous look. Purple wig and all, Miley went for Lil Kim's purple pasty fit! I must admit Miley goes in with her costumes.

Nicki wasn't left out of the fun though. One of my fave tv personalities Ellen took on the Nicki Minaj look- which also coincidentally has some boob action. I have to give it to Ellen, this is hilarious!

So, thanks to some fun dress up time Nicki & Lil Kim have a whole new kind of battle on their hands.

Who wins this one? Miley as Kim or Ellen as Nicki?!

Here are a couple more pics of the costumes!

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