Friday, October 25, 2013

Maia Campbell Talks Her Past Mistakes & How Her Daughter Inspires Her Sobriety

Actress Maia Campbell has made a complete turn around from the life she was living just a few years ago. She looks nothing like what she's endured. Years of drug abuse and a battle with mental illness left Maia unrecognizable and in a really dark place. The world recently got to see the new Maia all clean and healthy on a recent episode of Iyanla Fix My Life.

The episode focused on Maia's struggles and her glory. One of the most memorable moments from that show was Maia's conversation with her daughter Elizabeth. She has been working on building a healthy and strong relationship with her daughter despite not having full custody of her. In a recent interview with iPower 92.1's TT Torrezz Maia opened up a little more about her relationship with her daughter now, and almost every other aspect of her life.

Maia recently was featured on Life After- a reality show depicting her journey back into her career. I'm so happy to see her on the right path!! To keep track of Maia and all she has going on be sure to follow her on Twitter- she's one of my faves!  Check out a few excerpts from her interview below:

On being on ‘Life After’:

Maia said her life is an open book. She said telling her story was therapeutic for her and wasn’t hard for her. She admits to making mistakes in her life and turned her life around. She said this is her moment and her chance to say she’s still worthy.

On the defining moment she knew she had the turn her life around:
Maia said her daughter was the defining moment. She says she had to become a good role model for her daughter.

On the biggest mistake she’s made Maia admitted that using drugs was her biggest mistake. Also, self-hatred and running away from her problems.

On when she started using drugs and her drug(s) of choice Maia said she was young when she started using drugs. She said she used various drugs but she has been clean for four years now and remaining healthy.

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