Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jay Z Talks Beyonce's gangsta & Blue Ivy's talking for Cover Story in Vanity Fair (New Interview)

Jay Z recently interviewed with Vanity Fair for their cover feature, showing him off as one of the greatest influences in music. Jay speaks openly about his life coming up, his career, and his beautiful family with Beyonce and their daughter Blue Ivy Carter. He also is very candid about his disappointment with certain media outlets and blogs feeding into the rumors surrounding Beyonce not really carrying their child. You can tell this hits a sore spot for him. Jay's descriptive tale of his drug selling and the hood should also really be an eye opener for some.

The most precious moments of course come when Jay speaks about how he had to woo his wife Beyonce. He talks about how she wasn't phased much by him in the beginning, and how she's such a "gangsta" now. On Blue Ivy, he reveals that she's talking a little. At least enough to tell him that she wants to hear his music over and over. She's almost as famous as her parents at just under two years old.

Reading interviews like this truly make me smile. Being a Jay Z fan for years I love to witness the transformation and personal growth. This was so cute! Check out more highlights over at Vanity Fair!

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