Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jada Pinkett Smith Chops her Hair off & Shares a Personal Story of Heartbreak

The gorgeous Jada Pinkett Smith was just spotted out and about with a new hair style! Taking it to the edge a little, she's rocking the shaved sides like many women half her age. Jada's pulling this off, mainly because she's truly not aging. Lol. She's so beautiful. There has always been something about Jada that exudes wisdom and grace. She's not too uptight to expose herself and share any of that wisdom either. In what has become very common for her, she opened up recently on her Facebook page about heartbreak stemming from loss over time ,and how she copes with it.

This is intriguing to me, because heartbreak is one of the great equalizers. It doesn't matter who you are, learning to deal with a broken heart or Spirit is vital, and at some point everybody is faced with it. Jada has seen a lot of heartbreak in her life. She's struggled through addictions, relationship issues, self esteem issues, a crazy upbringing, the list goes on and on. Now that she's viewed as one of the most beautiful women with one of the most successful men in the world as her partner, I appreciate her stripping down and sharing this.

Here's Jada's small bit on heartbreak and how acknowledging it changed her perspective. I thought this said so much, maybe it speaks to you too.

"I woke up missing so many people, so many things from my past. This morning, I missed the nights I would fall asleep to my grandmother playing 'Moonlight Sonata' in the living room below my bedroom, and I thought of all my friends and loved ones I had lost to violence, accidents, jail or drugs. I thought of all the many people who had been in my life for a season (teachers, friends) who I no longer have contact with. This morning I cried and I cried and I mourned.
But these tears were like rain on my soul because after the allowance of my tears came my gratitude for all that is and for all that was."

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