Friday, October 11, 2013

Chilli is BAD!!!! New Rolling Out Cover & Talks Movie, Drake, & J. Cole in New Interview

Mega group TLC has been very busy lately. Their new movie CrazySexyCool: a TLC Story will air on VH1 this month AND they're releasing a new album celebrating 20 yrs. in the business along with it. It wouldn't seem by looking at this cover that Chilli is a day older than 20. We're still trying to figure this non aging thing out with her. She's freakin flawless.

In this exclusive with Rolling Out, Chilli talks about how she and T Boz have made sure to keep their sister Left Eye's legacy alive. She also gives kudos to younger artists like Drake and J. Cole for helping to keep TLC's legacy alive  by sharing their music with a new generation.  The Sexy  of the group also shared a little about her experience filming their new movie, and how amazed she's been throughout the whole process.

Chili is being played by Keke Palmer who recently opened up about how much she wanted to impress Chilli more than anything. As a someone who was practically raised with TLC's music, I couldn't be happier to see this moment come around for them. They make timeless music with important messages. This whole era with them is really amazing!

Head over to to read Chilli's full interview. Whew.. Lord this woman is gorgeous!

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