Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back At It: See Rihanna's New Ink

Well, Rihanna is known for her ink. She's managed to have some of the most recognizable and unique tattoos of any pop artist out. Just recently she got Moari tribal art done on her hand the traditional way, with chisel and ink.  Now, Rihanna is back at it, on the same hand. If you're at all familiar with Henna tattoos, Rih's latest tatt will ring a bell.

Celeb artist Bang Bang flew out to the Dominican Republic to start what turned out to be an ELEVEN hour tattoo session on the pop star's hand. She already had the Moari art and a previous tattoo that were both very visible, so the new work was a bit of a challenge Bang admitted to E! News- the "most challenging work he's done on her":
We drew on her hand from 7 p.m. to midnight. We were drawing and changing things. I'd take a break and Cally-Jo would draw, then I'd draw...The inspiration was henna art, we wanted something really decorative, feminine and sexy. We thought that was the closest in style where we could shift and make it look decorative.
 She had something pre-existing on her hand. So it was a little bit of a cover up, but also making it look good, wanted to make sure it flowed. We needed to work with what she already had,difficult, because the stuff she already had was a pattern on skin. We were trying to fit the body with what she already had. Mend the two styles with a new style. 
Her hand is not something you can put away. We went over and over. It was a struggle to design. She even took a nap when we were drawing. We started over, until we found the direction she liked."
Bang Bang went on to say that the task was simply making a perfect blend of the work already on her hand and her new ink. So what did Rihanna think of it when it was all said and done? Well, he told E! News that she was in love with it:
"Rih flipped out! Absolutely loved it!"
Let's hope so because there is really no going back from such a large tattoo in such a visible place. We're glad Rihanna likes her new art. I'm going to miss the original piece on her hand that stood out so well, it was one of my personal faves of hers, but... she obviously wanted something fresh and new. Tattoos are very personal, and for many they can represent so much, so who knows why she's going through it with this hand art. We know she wanted it to be done up, and thats what she got. This girl's a G with the ink. Check out her new tatt below.

The original


PS I didn't want to jump to any conclusions..but does it look like Rihanna has a new piercing as well?


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