Thursday, September 12, 2013

World News: Russia's response to the U.S.'s military plan

In case you're not following developments around international response regarding chemical weapons used by the Assad regime in Syria, a lot has been happening behind the scenes and media outlets have reported that the crisis has exposed a rift in Russia's relationship with the United States.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed reluctance in getting involved with Syria and made his case in a recent New York Times editorial. Even using military force for humanitarian interventions for civil wars in Arab nations. President Barack Obama addressed the nation on Tuesday evening to announce he would wait to see if Syrian government would hand over its chemical weapons. 

Furthermore, the U.S. Senate formally put the Syria resolution on hold although Obama wants to use limited military force. The move will provide U.S. officials time to negotiate a diplomatic solution with the nation torn apart by civil war. The U.S. has support from Britain, France, Italy and Spain for a joint international response to the alleged use of poison gas by Syrian government last month. 

The president hopes Russia will join the diplomatic effort requiring Syria to turn over its chemical weapons and join a pact against using such weapons in the future. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he would reserve the right to call the Senate to the floor for a vote if talks fall through.

"If there is any indication they're not serious or they're being used as a ploy to delay, then Congress stands ready to return to that Syria resolution to give the president the authority to hold the Assad regime accountable for the pain, suffering and death that he caused with those chemical weapons," Reid said.

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