Friday, September 27, 2013

World News: Gunfire and explosions at a mall in Kenya leave more than 60 dead, hundreds wounded

In case you missed it, Islamic militants in Kenya wreaked havoc in Nairobi's Westgate mall during a terrorist siege that left nearly 70 people dead and hundreds wounded, according to news outlets. The attacks went on for several days, leading to a collapse of three floors inside the mall, government officials said.

An undisclosed number of bodies are underneath the rubble and autopsies will determine if hostages were killed by the military or by falling rubble, according to the Associated Press. Officials from Kenya and the United Nations are worried that more violence will spread by the Somali Islamic group, al-Shabab. FBI agents and others from foreign countries have been dispatched to investigate the scene because many of the dead were foreigners.

Kenyan police have given the media little information on why the attacks occurred in this East African country. The militants stormed the mall last Saturday, throwing grenades and shooting assault rifles, the AP reported. Al-Shabab said it carried out the attack because Kenya sent its troops into Somalia to fight the militants. 

The Kenyan Red Cross said 61 people remain missing and many worry that their bodies may be buried beneath the rubble inside the mall. Many questions are not being answered by Kenyan officials, such as how the militants were able to carry out the attack, if the people are safe and exactly how many have perished. Officials did say that all the hostages were released Tuesday.  

Let us keep the people of Kenya in our thoughts, hearts and prayers.

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