Monday, September 16, 2013

Woah! Fan Pulls Beyonce off of Stage in Brazil

Beyonce has proven over and over that she is one of the greatest performers of all time. She owns the stage. We've seen her shut every stage down, we seen her slip and fall, tumble down stairs, perform pregnant, cry a bit, the most of the most has happened to Bey while performing.

What I never thought I'd see is a fan bold enough to try to pull the beautiful songstress right off of the stage, but thats exactly what happened yesterday in Brazil. Yes you read that correctly. A crazed fan grabs Bey as she singing Irreplaceable for what may have just been chance to hug her. Bey almost falls  into the crowd before security rushes over and grabs her.

As she has every single time a mishap happens, Bey continued her song. Of course security rushed to escort the young fan out of the show, but to everyone's surprise Bey tells them to leave him alone, and even goes over to the dude to get his name. What a sweet lady for that. These fans recently have been pushing it. Not sure how many other celebs or people in general would have reacted like that. Bey's a gem. See everything happen below!

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