Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Walking down Life's road

Looking back at my 20s, I can only wish I was well prepared for the piles of poop I would fall in. I wish I was well prepared for the butt whooping life was programed to give me once I was conceived. I truly do wish I was handed a How to Make it Through Your 20's manual on my 18th birthday so I would have two years to not only memorize the do's and don'ts, but to also think of extra scenarios to get my tail out of hot water. Most would probably say that's what parents are for and that we should listen to them. However they don't know my life story, lol.

Lately I've been thinking about my current situations, and realizing that the majority of them wouldn't be here (or maybe dealt with years ago) if I was given a detailed warning about how life works. A detailed warning about those random curve balls and the need to be prepared for any/everything. Why am I stressing the detailed part? Because it's those details that make you decide and realize just how serious a situation is. Those details whisper, "Oh shoot, things just got real...". Growing up as a teenager I didn't have any warnings and in my early twenties I had a warning or two here- but not enough to prevent me from falling down Alice's rabbit hole.

In my opinion, as a parent it is your job to make sure your children learn the proper tools to survive in the adult world. However there are things that will not be passed on because you yourself aren't knowledgeable in those areas. With that said, I can't be super mad at my dad. Given what he was equipped with at the time, I could have ended up a lot worse. On the flipside of things, these easily prevented mistakes I've learned from have made me a stronger, smarter, woman. As I sit here, cleaning up the mess I made years ago, I'm reminded that the things I'm learning late in the game can be used to prepare my daughter down the road. I'm reminded that although I'm introverted and don't pay attention to the world around me, I need to take time out to learn about new things that may not interest me.

I've been looking for answers as to why my life has played out this way. But deep down inside I know I won't get the answers until after I've passed the tests. Coincidentally I was told today that not knowing everything can be a good thing. And despite the challenges over the years, I just might have to agree.

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