Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Playlist: Brandon TooFlyy ft. Kid Neice- Girls Love Aaliyah

For our first installment of  The Playlist, we're featuring two dope artists out of IL. Brandon TooFlyy and Kid Neice come together for a play on Drake's Girls Love Beyonce. For their record though- they use the late angel Aaliyah as their muse. 

Brandon dropped Girls Love Aaliyah as a treat for his listeners. He's currently in the studio finishing up his latest project, Good Vibes- a three part album set to be out later this year. This chill record has some sweet moments, and it features some of your fave lines from a few of Aaliyah's classic hits.  

Currently Kid Neice who produced GLA is working on her new EP Gorgoneyez Spase Tiem set to drop in November. She just introduced listeners to her single, Addicted Interlude. The EP is set to drop in November fresh off of a release of her first single, Ballroom Dancing out October 17th. She also has her hands on a few up and coming mixtapes on the production side. Love a new artist that's grinding on many levels!

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