Monday, September 9, 2013

Serena Williams Wins 5th US Open, for her 17th GRAND SLAM!

Congrats to my good sis Serena Williams for winning the the U.S. Open Final yesterday. Watching Serena sort of reminds me of The Bulls and MJ in his prime. It was something to watch him pull through at the very last minute. Serena is one of those athletes that has the ability to just deliver when all is said and done- just like MJ did.
Serena's 17th Grand Slam championship was not at all an easy win. She had her opponent Victoria Azarenka who is a beast in her own right, and some strange winds to battle, but in the end she pulled through. Serena wins not only the honor of continuing an amazing legacy, but athlete also wins an insane amount of money- it's reported that she's going to be upped at least $6 MILLION with her win! Check out some pretty cool photos below of her match!

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