Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rihanna + Budweiser Present - Half of Me Documentary

Budweiser's creative team is exclusively bringing you an intimate look at Rihanna's impact, and her connection with her fans in this mini documentary. Though this is definitely promo for their product, they truly give fans the chance to speak of how Rihanna has impacted their lives. As a part of their "Made for Music" campaign, this initiative is a full fledge movement celebrating the arts as a whole, and bridging the gap between creators and the people who love their artistic expression.

This short documentary entitled, "Half of Me" is an extension of that same idea. Fans from across the world come together in it to express how Rihanna through her music, attitude, and determination has enhanced their  lives. The short video features a select few of Rihanna's massive Navy. The fans speak on their connection with each other as well as the one they have come to have with Rih. They not only support Rihanna in her endeavors, but they also lend support to each other on personal levels, and I think that's a beautiful thing. During the video Rih gives tidbits of advice, is seen performing during her sold out Diamonds World Tour, and of course cameras catch her just chilling with her crew.

I've witnessed first hand Rihanna's connection with her fans. She will wear or IG something made by one of them, or post a comment of encouragement to them in a tough time, or gather some other Navy together to help one fan make it to a show when something drastic happens. To the outside world this may seem like a small effort, but when you have hope or inspiration that enhances your life in any way it can never be considered small. Check out the short Phil Griffin directed mini doc below.

Stay tuned for more from Budweiser's Made for Music campaign, and of course Rihanna ( I think she's shooting the video for What Now!!!) Does this child ever stop working?

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