Monday, September 16, 2013

Niecy Nash Writes Beautiful Tribute to Brandy "My Friend, the Icon"

Most of us know of the special relationship shared between Brandy and comedian/actress Niecy Nash just from their everyday interactions via social media. They are always spending time together, tweeting and Instagramming photos, and it's obvious that they've come to consider one another family. So, it was no surprise this weekend when I saw a link come across my timeline for Niecy's Essence Magazine blog entitled, 'In Dedication to My Friend Brandy, the Icon'.

I, of course, went immediately to the post as I too consider Bran iconic, and I wanted to see exactly what her close friend had to say about her. The blog, though a short one is a beautifully written tribute. After sharing a cute little story about her teen daughter realizing that Brandy is Moesha, she enlightens us with the truth- Bran has  stood the tests of time in this industry for 20 years. She's become stronger and better as the years have gone by. I had to catch myself while reading it because it resonated so much.  As a huge Brandy fan I sometimes feel like people miss how great her contributions have been, and how resilient she's been, and most importantly how she has bloomed through it all.

Check out Niecy's incredibly sweet blog to her friend over at Essence. Niecy thank you for letting your readers know just how amazing Brandy truly is. What a powerful salute from her bff. This was beautiful!

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