Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kanye West Talks Art & Frustrations with Race Relations in New Interview

Kanye West sat down with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe recently for a rare interview. We all know Kanye is not here for the media. He rarely does interviews anymore, so it's great to sit and listen to his mind a bit. This guy is genius. He's hard pressed and anxious, but not without cause. Kanye West is a creative to the fullest. It's obvious his creative mind goes non stop.I mean... it does not stop.

In the below videos, you get to experience -technically- one of Kanye's twitter rants in motion. He's not only passionate about the arts, but it's obvious that the College Drop Out Kanye still exists. Kanye came on the scene and really brought the reality of the Civil Rights struggle to a new generation through his music. Although a lot about Kanye has changed since his first album dropped, his plight to expose the reality of race relations in this country is still very much the same. He's still passionate about it.  

This interview can be a lot to take in, but if you take it in piece by piece and try to understand the fundamentals, he's really speaking truth. It makes me think about Lauryn Hill's Unplugged album. It was so  heavily stuffed with content. It forced you to really pay attention. You couldn't just sit back and feel the music, you had to think as well. Kanye is doing the same here. He does seem very different from the Kanye we came to love when he first dropped as an artist, but everybody grows and changes.I'm always interested in what he'll do next. Soooo much creative energy!

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