Monday, September 23, 2013

Gucci Mane Struggling with Addiction + Apologizes for Twitter Attacks: "Please keep me in your prayers."

Last week the twitter world stood in awe (some laughter) as popular rapper  Gucci Mane appeared to have a breakdown of some sort via his personal twitter account. He went on a full attack insulting some of his music industry peers. He claimed to have had sex with numerous female celebs, he threw some of his male peers under the bus, and also threw jabs at peoples was ugly.

Soon after the incident on twitter of course management stepped in to say, that Gucci's account had been hacked by his old manager and that such vile things  hadn't actually come from the rapper himself-the traditional response to a celeb tweeting something they shouldn't.. It appeared that no one believed the hack story. A few of the celebs Gucci targeted retaliated via twitter and instagram saying that Gucci has a problem, amongst other insulting things.

Gucci was also recently arrested for possession and acting out with the police, and I'm sure you heard about his little attempt to fight somebody in Lenox Mall here in Atlanta. A fan captured him on video, and of course it went viral. All of this occurred just a day after his twitter bashing session. The world stood by in speculation, some laughing, taunting, and worried about what sort of state Gucci was in mentally.

Gucci's recent actions appeared to reflect a man who was spiraling out of control. We all assumed it was drugs because that's what a lot of the people he attacked on twitter suggested was his problem. Well, over the weekend Gucci Mane got back on his twitter account to address his recent erratic and immature behavior. The rapper "manned" all the way up and apologized for his behavior. He apologized to some of his peers as well. In what was the most important part of his apology to me, Gucci admitted that he has an addiction to lean and has been struggling with it for 10 years.

In a culture where all of a sudden this drug is celebrated, Gucci comes forward with the truth about what it has done to him and his life. He also says that he needs and is seeking help, and would like prayer. This did my heart so well, not just to see him apologize for his actions, but to go a step further and shine a realistic light on what so many are making out to be the cool thing to do. I'm not sure where Gucci goes from here, but much respect goes to him. Hopefully we can see him clean and healthy again soon!

See Gucci's apology tweets below:

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