Monday, September 9, 2013

Chime In- Is Rihanna's Ghetto Goth a Rock it or Knock it Situation?

Our girl Rih is known as one of those chics who can just rock anything. I think Rihanna's style often speaks for her. You can sort of feel her mood from the way she dresses. Outside of her body and face structure going well with just about any look, she's got all of everything fashion at her fingertips. Recently we've seen Rihanna go from a vulnerable and girly sexy back to a darker "ghetto goth" look as she describes it.

Rih has been spotted out and about with dark shades, plum lips, reds, blacks, basically clothing you really would consider goth. Not to mention she showed up to the VMAs in jeans and a tshirt (and still managed to slay by the way). The last couple of nights she's been spotted out at NY Fashion Week events and the darker image has continued. I think for the first time I saw an outfit that I didn't dig last night at Opening Ceremony, but for some reason- it still worked for her.

I'm a huge fan of Rih's style and fashion sense. I've said many times that the girl can pretty much wear anything, but I must admit, I don't prefer this dark look. Rihanna is a gorgeous woman with a beautiful body, so she can wear whatever she'd like. I'm moreso here for the softer and lighter/sexy Rihanna than this ghetto goth she's going after, but who knows.. this is probably just how she feels and she can express that as she wishes.. what style of Rihanna's do you prefer?

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  1. I hate this on her.She to pretty she need some color and some life to her look.Shits depressing.