Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brandy Performs When You Touch Me Live

As a Brandy fan, I know that there are some records of hers that are simply classics among the Starz. Among them is the sweet & effortless slay that is When You Touch Me from THE Full Moon album. This song is hailed by so many as Bran's best.. It's everything.

Thanks again to Frank "Silent" &, for the first time ever we Starz get to watch Bran deliver this song live. In an emotional performance will touring overseas Brandy and her band struck up the much loved record. She sits in this performance as I like to say. She is present & absorbing all of the love the  audience is there to give. Not only does she take that energy to heart, but she returned it with an amazing performance of a fan favorite.

I won't lie, I teared up a bit. This is a song I've sang many times, it's special to me, & finally we have Brandy in her prime singing it live! I can't take! Own it Bran!

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  1. Yes! This is seriously an amazing song, and THIS particular performance... I swear, this woman stays slaying with her vocals. #4everbrandy #ilovebRocka