Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yaasss! Hear Jessie J & Brandy's new Duet Conquer the World + JJ's full album Snippets!

Weeks ago, Silent uploaded this video of Bran giving another True Exclusive to fans. This time, it was about her recent collaboration with one of her peers- Jessie J. Brandy explained that she'd been asked by Jessie to collab on a song, and of course she accepted.

 From the moment I saw this video my excitement began to build. Yes.. yes.. I get excited for new Brandy music every time, but I must be honest and say that Jessie J played a role too. The girl has voice, and the idea of these two on a record together sent my ears to beggginggg the Lord for a snippet.

Well, late last night we got just that. Jessie J's album Alive isn't set to hit stores until September 23rd, but snippets were made available for us to check it out before hand. Listen!!!!! This sounds like a solid piece of work, and I will be buying it. Dare I say I was not at all let down from the few seconds of her duet with Bran. Conquer the World is about to be my jam. Will somebody get Brandy and tell her she's incredible!? We don't hear much of Jessie's part on the snippet, but I'm sure she's bringing it too!

I'm excited!! Check out the full album snippets below! Conquer the World at 16:56!!

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