Thursday, August 29, 2013

Watch President Obama and Rev. Bernice King's Full Speeches from Yesterday's Celebration

Yesterday people from all over the world gathered in DC to commemorate the 50 yr anniversary of Dr. King's infamous I Have a Dream Speech. I am so moved by this occasion. The history of this speech seems to reach far beyond 1963. It was as if Dr. King was being used by God to tell our story, and bring forth words of correction and hope that we'd become exactly who He made us to be.

The crowd that gathered yesterday were entertained with numerous celebrities-including Oprah Winfrey, the King family, and the First family of the United States. Among the many beautiful moments of the day were the speeches brought forth by Dr. King's Daughter Reverend Bernice King, and the President himself. Both speeches were articulate, powerful, and really carried the essence of Dr. King's original proclamation.

If you missed the speeches yesterday, check them out in full below! What a great celebration!

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