Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Press Play: Chantae Cann ft. Snarky Puppy - Da Da N Da

Yall, my life has been so crazy lately. I've been neglecting you BabyKayKs and forgetting to post things left and right. Here's one I should've had up weeks ago! Chantae Cann is easily one of my favorite voices of all time. I have watched her voice and spirit fill a room full of people to the point that we all felt we were having some next level life experience. She's heavenly. When we interviewed her a while ago, she discussed that she was preparing to finally get her own album out. Chantae has made quite a name for herself on the local Atlanta music market, as well as worldwide singing behind the beautiful India.Arie. Fans have been patiently waiting for her to drop her original stuff, and the time has come!

For her first offiical single simply titled, Da Da N Da, Chantae partnered up with some fellas I dig a lot- a band by the name of Snarky Puppy. With these guys Chantae literally creates a sound that your ears just feast off of. She infuses Jazz and, I don't know angel or something- to give listeners an incredible treat. The simple melody grows and grows into something amazing the more Chantae's angelic voice glides through Snarky Puppy's instrumentation.

This single only made me more excited to get my hands on her album that will be out very soon. Check out this relaxing and engaging record below and upgrade your playlist with it from iTunes! Stay tuned for more from this beautiful soul.

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  1. omg! i have been hoping that she would have some music come out. her voice is so so pretty! hopefully i can get to a real computer soon so that i can hear this song :) :) :)