Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nicky Romero Talks New Record with Rihanna

Rihanna is currently in her hometown of Barbados celebrating Crop Over. Every year, fans are excited to see what celebratory photos Rihanna and her crew will post from the historic Bajan tradition. Before she left for home, Rih introduced the world to her new do. The short black curly style has- as all of her hairstyles- stolen headlines. It's adorable. Rih is fresh off of the European leg of her sold out Diamonds World Tour. So, to see such a hard working woman kick back and rest for a minute is great.

Some fans have wondered if the pop princess (who has a tradition of releasing an album a year) will drop one this November. Fans have practically been pleading for new music from her. Not that her last album Unapologetic is not everything, but they've been spoiled with an album a year- and most would love a new one. Well, one of the producers responsible for Right Now, a jam on her latest album just spilled the beans about another "out the box" record he's working on with Rihanna... could this mean an album is coming after all? 

Who knows? At the Superwoman rate this girl works- I would not be surprised. Check out Nicky Romero's exclusive with MTV below.

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  1. I use to respect you and your writings, until u became a rihanna groupie, now u joining in with the " Chriannas" on twitter, jumping in everything CB says, you might think you are different from other blogs, u were but not anymore.....

    1. Thanks for visiting and thanks for the comment. I wasn't going to reply, but I figure I's my stance- My plight to remain a positive blog has not all. So, I am absolutely still different from the sites I set out to be different from. As for the whole Rihanna/Chris/Chrianna thing I've deffffinetly come to tweet about that more than I used to - not so much recently, but yes, more than normal.

      That's mainly because since Rihanna's follow and a couple of posts in support of them, or CB's career- the majority of my tweeties are Chris and Rihanna fans & some Chrianna- so by default, you will see me tweeting with them a lot. Their story happens to be one that I was very interested in. The highs and lows. I haven't tweeted or blogged about "Chrianna" much in a minute though- sort of too much to keep up with. So you feel some kind of way about me tweeting WITH Chrianna fans? lol

      As for your name calling (groupie) - you sound bitter because showing love to someone you've come to dig is not being a groupie- trust I know a few of them. As for me jumping into everything CB says I jump into what a lot of people say.. thats what you're choosing to pay attention to, bc obviously this strikes a nerve with you.

      I don't actually owe you an explanation for what I tweet..or write for that matter. If what I tweet gets under your skin to the point that you take your time to anonymously visit a site that you no longer respect (vs. just tweeting me your opinion) you should simply unfollow, or not visit the site. Have a great day. xo

    2. Kay u don't owe this hatin ass individual any explanation. I been following this blog and u for years and u are just as positive and uplifting as u were day one. This person only wanted a response and u gave it to them. I noticed u tweeted a lot with rihanna and chris fans but I also saw how ur followers grew so much after she followed u and any semi smart person would realize that's most of the conversation ure gonna get on there. Even if u jump in chris tweets it's ALWAYS on point and the truth. This person can kick rocks. Ure not doing anything wrong. U can tweet or write whatever the hell u want and I don't even care nothing about chris or rihanna. I just can't believe this person feels like u gotta do what they want and like u give a damn about losing their respect. Bitch bye. Sorry Kay lol that's how I felt reading the comment. Sorry so long but I wanted to speak for the people who been here. Keep up the good work and let these haters talk.

    3. Amen to this reply I follow you on twitter and you don't bother me at all. This person have something else going on to lose "respect" over those reasons. What a waste of time to come here just to say that.