Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Media Personality B. Scott Files Discrimination Suit Against BET for Awards Show Fiasco

Youtube phenom turned media personality B. Scott is a well known, fabulous, and gorgeous transgender. He is known and was made popular by who he is. So, it was quite a surprise for many to learn that BET had forced him to change his clothes & shoes to appear more "manly" at their recent award show.

It was the talk of twitter when word got out. People were polarized as to whether this was right on BET's part. Well today, we've learned that B. Scott is suing BET and Viacom for discrimination, and damage to his reputation. According to Scott, BET approved his attire, but after the first segment called him backstage telling him to change, pull his hair back, mute his makeup- to basically look more manly.

According to B. Scott, even after he changed they still replaced him with singer/actress Adrienne Bailon. B. Scott says he was humiliated. He's suing BET for a couple of million dollars according to reports.

Do you think BET was right or wrong in forcing B. Scott to change to appear more manly? Do you think they knew who they brought on and shouldve just allowed him to be who he is?

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  1. they knew who he was when they called him to their show. sue they assess b.