Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lady Gaga's Sweet Moment with a Homeless Man

It's not everyday that you see a celebrity hugged up with a homeless person on the street. There's something about classism in this world that keeps a very clear disconnect between the two. Two very different worlds. Well, this past week I heard a story about Lady Gaga and a homeless guy that was really cute. The homeless man stood out in a crowd full of fans waiting on Gaga to exit.

As she walked by the homeless man was spotted putting a ring on her finger, in response, Gaga gave the guy a rose and asked for a picture. Reportedly, the homeless man said, "Ok, but I smell." to which Gaga simply replied, "Don't worry, I smell too."

In the quirkiest of ways this is a really cute story. You guys know I can get all deep and what not, but I'll just say that I can appreciate someone being in touch with their humanity. This was precious. I wonder when the wedding will be. lol

Gaga recently wowed fans with an opening performance of her latest single Applause at this years VMAs. Her decision to spend the rest of the evening in a thong and bra top wowed them even more. Gotta love Gaga.

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