Friday, August 23, 2013

First Photo of Baby Kimye!! See Kanye and Kim Kardashian's Little North West!

You guys!!!!!!!!!!! Kanye West appeared on Kris Jenner's show today and following the show, it's twitter account revealed the first photo of little North West! She's so cute! Kanye really opened up on the show revealing just how close he really is with the Kardashians. He refers to them as his family and says that Kim and North are his joys.

It's really good to see Kanye smiling and talking in such good spirits. Its a vast change from what we've seen from him in the media as of late. He's often portrayed as angry and hostile, so this was genius of him to appear on a show, with someone he considers family with guards down. The way Kanye was talking seemed a little weird to some, but maybe that's his happy tone and we just haven't heard it in a while.

So many had/have their speculations of Kim and Kanye's relationship from the start. Today, Kanye spoke SO highly of his love for Kim K. He said he was in love with her way before he ever met her. As for North, she is too adorable. I can't say if she looks like Kanye or Kim!

I'm happy for the great place Kanye seems to be in. May God bless their little family! Aww man... finally! North!!

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  1. yeah i can't say who the baby looks like either, but those cheeks definitely belong to kanye lol