Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chris Brown Directs Video for Autumn Leaves ft. Kendrick Lamar in Hawaii- Is Karrueche in the Video?! (Photos/ Video)

Chris Brown seems to be doing everything but relaxing on his current trip to Hawaii. The r&b singer was there for a show and has posted videos of himself clowning with good friends he took along as well. In true Chris Brown style he's managing to throw in more work for himself. While in Hawaii Chris is putting his director's cap back on by shooting the video for his record Autumn Leaves ft. Kendrick Lamar.

 The song previewed in this short video below sounds like a ballad, I'm excited about that, because that's the Chris Brown I like to hear! While Kendrick doesn't seem to make an appearance in Hawaii for the shoot, it does look like Chris has managed to get his girlfriend Karrueche in on the video action. Photos of the two spending time together on the set hit the internet last night. Karrueche appears to be in the video.. the main lady maybe? We will see.

Just 2 days ago Karrueche posted the second of two photos of her and Chris together- the first being at the BET Awards. While many have speculated that he'd returned right back to Karrueche, it's safe to say after these photos that it's true. Just weeks ago, Chris asked fans in an interview to focus on his music. It appears now though that he's changed his mind and doesn't mind the frenzy of opinion around his personal life. He knows having Karrueche as his leading lady will cause a stir amongst his fans and the media. Chris is becoming the King of mixed emotions.

 I'm really anticipating hearing the full version of this song, and seeing the video. The scenery on location looks SO beautiful! See a couple of photos from the shoot below.


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