Monday, August 12, 2013

Chris Brown and LAPD Go Head to Head

Chris Brown has really been on the move lately. Just a day or so after news that he's not in the best of health hit, he was spotted out giving back to the community once again. Chris is known to love basketball, and I've witnessed him play first hand- the dude can really ball! This weekend he partnered with the LAPD to host a free bball game.

Chris' Symphonic Love Foundation partnered with gang interventionists and the LAPD, the "LA Unity Games" allowed the community to come together in a really cool way. Chris' "Team Breezy" lost by a whopping 30 points, but it appears that everyone enjoyed themselves together- which was the reason for it all anyway.

I really am happy for Chris and proud of the work he's doing in local communities. It's great to see him pressing through all of the negativity and still managing to help others. As far as his health- I've stayed clear of writing about it, because of what it appears to be to me. I hope fans will keep him in their prayers and that he will continue to do good work. People can say whatever they want to say about you- but good work, that speaks for itself. Go Chris!!!!

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