Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Celebs and Their Sons for Ebony Magazine's Four Cover Tribute To Trayvon Martin

It really does my heart well to see people come together and lend each other support in the time of need. That's exactly what so many people from so many different backgrounds have done concerning Trayvon Martin's case. A great example of this is Ebony Magazine's series of covers for their September 2013 issue.

They consist of Trayvon's family, along with a few familiar and respected faces- along with their sons in hoodies. It's sort of a, "It could've been our kid" statement coming from some familiar faces. In an effort to keep us talking about (and questioning) the way in which this case unfolded- the likes of Spike Lee, Dwyane Wade, and Boris Kodjoe are gracing the cover with their boys.

It's a beautiful tribute to a young man who's life was taken away with no consequence. We've seen people, and organizations outside of the justice system continue to rally for something to be done. Ebony Magazine has been one of those key organizations and this issue reveals that. The We Are All Trayvon issue will consist of articles informing readers of racial profiling along with tributes from the likes of Jill Scott.

I think this is so beautiful. There have been many times in American History where the justice system has out right failed young black men. It is sad that in 2013, we're still fighting to give them a fair shot at justice- dead or alive. I salute Ebony Magazine, and encourage you to find a way to show support to this cause. There are rallies you can attend, foundations you can donate to, voting opportunities to consider more closely, and even conversations that can be had. Find a way.

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