Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beyonce Debuts Short Hair Cut!

Beyonce is easily one of the standards of beauty for a lot of people. She's known for her insanely beautiful and curvacious body, her gorgeous face, and usually her long flowing blonde hair. Well, last night Beyonce debuted a surprise for her fans.... a short pixie cut.

Now, some people have mixed emotions about what it looks like on her. I personally LOVE it. It's always hard to get used to short hair on a person you're used to seeing a lot of hair on. For what it's worth though- maybe it will cause some people to stop equating beauty with long hair, since Beyonce has chopped hers.

In my opinion, hair is hair. Whether it's long, short, natural, permed, curly, straight... it doesn't matter- it's just a style. Ladies do what you want with your hair. It doesn't define you. Plus if you're anything like me, you'll feel like a brand new woman every time. Go Bey! I love it.

check out her personal IG page for more photos of her new cut!

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