Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beyonce Slayssss Bow Down & Gives Her Boo some Shine

I meant to post this video a few days ago. Here are the Carters having a moment at Bey's Mrs. Carter tour stop in Brooklyn. I love how they open this set with the rumor mill gossip, then Bey comes out and brinnnngs it! As Bey kills her boastful anthem, Bow Down... out comes her hubby Jay Z with his hit Tom Ford. Bey clearly loves her boo's record, she practically gives him the stage and joins later for her part in the record.

Not only does Bey slay her choreo for Bow Down here, but she also goes into another BeyHive fave- Diva towards the end. It's clear that Beyonce knows she's at the top of her game and carries that confidence into these performances. I just love this video. I always get a kick out of these two together..on stage and off.

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