Thursday, August 15, 2013

A$AP Rocky & Rihanna Shoot Video in New York

CAN we discuss the werk Daughta is putting in in the above photo. Yes to the hair. Yes to the lip. Yes to the dress. Just yaaaassss. Looks like she is finally shooting a video with recent musical collaborator A$AP Rocky. The two have recorded Rihanna's Cockiness remix, and A$AP has shouted Rih out in a couple of his records. A$AP also recently joined Rihanna on the US leg of her Diamonds World tour, so needless to say they are good friends. Good enough for Rihanna to make an appearance in his Fashion Killa video shoot?

Well, thats what I'm going to assume. In his single, A$AP mentions Rihanna's name in reference to another woman being like her. Lucky for him, he's cool enough with Rih to get her to make a cameo. Papz and fans gathered last night in the streets of NY to watch the two shoot the vid. So far we see a scene with Rih and A$AP dressed down, sort of chillin outside like normal folks do. We also saw Rih dressed to SLAY last night though in a black and white number- which I'm assuming is also for the video. We all know A$AP is known to shut the fashion game down as well,so .. I'm sure they will show out for this video- it's only right!

While I'm positive someone will make these photos out to be something romantic because it's Rihanna... I'm sure this is just 2 good friends shooting a video together. A$AP has answered the question about him and Rih being an item many times- and according to him, there is nothing there. So until one of them says otherwise- that's the news Im rockin with.

As for le public juice on their personal lives, I think A$AP is still dating the gorgeous model Chanel Iman, and as for Rih's romantic life- I'm thinking she's single for the moment. Fans are surely excited to see what lucky man will be able to sweep her off of her feet. I'm sure there are lots of hopefuls.

Check out a few photos from the shoot below:

Check out more photos of the video shoot here!


  1. No one in the game for the last 2 years has been able to match Rih . Shes one of a kind and tbh i used to be a hater but she deserves credit where its due . She's top class and whoever gets her is going to be a king

  2. I like how you gracefully ignored the fact that they fuckin. I really dont see how anybody can like this girl the way she put herself out there, but they hate on somebody like Ciara who is grinding in a wholesome way and not fuckin her way to success. Blog more about Cici and I will keep coming here.

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