Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yaasss! Hear Jessie J & Brandy's new Duet Conquer the World + JJ's full album Snippets!

Weeks ago, Silent uploaded this video of Bran giving another True Exclusive to fans. This time, it was about her recent collaboration with one of her peers- Jessie J. Brandy explained that she'd been asked by Jessie to collab on a song, and of course she accepted.

 From the moment I saw this video my excitement began to build. Yes.. yes.. I get excited for new Brandy music every time, but I must be honest and say that Jessie J played a role too. The girl has voice, and the idea of these two on a record together sent my ears to beggginggg the Lord for a snippet.

Well, late last night we got just that. Jessie J's album Alive isn't set to hit stores until September 23rd, but snippets were made available for us to check it out before hand. Listen!!!!! This sounds like a solid piece of work, and I will be buying it. Dare I say I was not at all let down from the few seconds of her duet with Bran. Conquer the World is about to be my jam. Will somebody get Brandy and tell her she's incredible!? We don't hear much of Jessie's part on the snippet, but I'm sure she's bringing it too!

I'm excited!! Check out the full album snippets below! Conquer the World at 16:56!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

World News: U.S. consulting allies on response to Syria nuclear attack

The Obama Administration is consulting with allies in order to review the facts about last week's alleged chemical weapons in Syria and their options for a response, the Associated Press reported early Friday.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Video: Jay Z & Justin Timberlake- Holy Grail!

Watch President Obama and Rev. Bernice King's Full Speeches from Yesterday's Celebration

Yesterday people from all over the world gathered in DC to commemorate the 50 yr anniversary of Dr. King's infamous I Have a Dream Speech. I am so moved by this occasion. The history of this speech seems to reach far beyond 1963. It was as if Dr. King was being used by God to tell our story, and bring forth words of correction and hope that we'd become exactly who He made us to be.

The crowd that gathered yesterday were entertained with numerous celebrities-including Oprah Winfrey, the King family, and the First family of the United States. Among the many beautiful moments of the day were the speeches brought forth by Dr. King's Daughter Reverend Bernice King, and the President himself. Both speeches were articulate, powerful, and really carried the essence of Dr. King's original proclamation.

If you missed the speeches yesterday, check them out in full below! What a great celebration!

Lady Gaga's Sweet Moment with a Homeless Man

It's not everyday that you see a celebrity hugged up with a homeless person on the street. There's something about classism in this world that keeps a very clear disconnect between the two. Two very different worlds. Well, this past week I heard a story about Lady Gaga and a homeless guy that was really cute. The homeless man stood out in a crowd full of fans waiting on Gaga to exit.

As she walked by the homeless man was spotted putting a ring on her finger, in response, Gaga gave the guy a rose and asked for a picture. Reportedly, the homeless man said, "Ok, but I smell." to which Gaga simply replied, "Don't worry, I smell too."

In the quirkiest of ways this is a really cute story. You guys know I can get all deep and what not, but I'll just say that I can appreciate someone being in touch with their humanity. This was precious. I wonder when the wedding will be. lol

Gaga recently wowed fans with an opening performance of her latest single Applause at this years VMAs. Her decision to spend the rest of the evening in a thong and bra top wowed them even more. Gotta love Gaga.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today Marks 50 yrs. Since Dr. King's I Have a Dream Speech! Hear It Here

In what will forever go down in history as one of the most profound speeches of all time, 50 years ago today, Dr. King stood at the Lincoln Memorial and poured out a vast vision for this country. Today, 50 years later we are making strides towards his dream. President Obama will speak today in Washington in honor of this momentous time in our history.

Happy 50th Anniversary to everyone who was there that day. May we continue to strive towards his dream!

Tamar Braxton's New Single- All the Way Home + Album Snippets

Yall, I am a little late on posting this, but I have to share my excitement for this project. I remember Tamar from back in the day. I remember loving her voice even then. Now with her recent re emergence onto the R&B scene with solid record after solid record, everybody is getting to see the talent that is Tamar Braxton.

The new mommy is set to release her new album, Love and War September 3rd. iTunes is now allowing fans to get a sneak listen to the entire album's snippets. The below record- All the Way Home is her latest single from the album, and it is SOLID. The vocals on this are just everything to me. Tamar is an artist who knows her voice and just what works for it.

I've seen so many people talking about becoming a fan of Tamars over the past few months. Has Tamar stolen your heart with her music too? Siiinnnnnnng Tamar!!!

Chris Brown Directs Video for Autumn Leaves ft. Kendrick Lamar in Hawaii- Is Karrueche in the Video?! (Photos/ Video)

Chris Brown seems to be doing everything but relaxing on his current trip to Hawaii. The r&b singer was there for a show and has posted videos of himself clowning with good friends he took along as well. In true Chris Brown style he's managing to throw in more work for himself. While in Hawaii Chris is putting his director's cap back on by shooting the video for his record Autumn Leaves ft. Kendrick Lamar.

 The song previewed in this short video below sounds like a ballad, I'm excited about that, because that's the Chris Brown I like to hear! While Kendrick doesn't seem to make an appearance in Hawaii for the shoot, it does look like Chris has managed to get his girlfriend Karrueche in on the video action. Photos of the two spending time together on the set hit the internet last night. Karrueche appears to be in the video.. the main lady maybe? We will see.

Just 2 days ago Karrueche posted the second of two photos of her and Chris together- the first being at the BET Awards. While many have speculated that he'd returned right back to Karrueche, it's safe to say after these photos that it's true. Just weeks ago, Chris asked fans in an interview to focus on his music. It appears now though that he's changed his mind and doesn't mind the frenzy of opinion around his personal life. He knows having Karrueche as his leading lady will cause a stir amongst his fans and the media. Chris is becoming the King of mixed emotions.

 I'm really anticipating hearing the full version of this song, and seeing the video. The scenery on location looks SO beautiful! See a couple of photos from the shoot below.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

World News: Could U.S. and allies go to war with Syria?

Allies of the United States were drafting plans for air strikes and other military action against Syria this week, as enemies of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad vowed a poison gas attack, according to news outlets.

Friday, August 23, 2013

First Photo of Baby Kimye!! See Kanye and Kim Kardashian's Little North West!

You guys!!!!!!!!!!! Kanye West appeared on Kris Jenner's show today and following the show, it's twitter account revealed the first photo of little North West! She's so cute! Kanye really opened up on the show revealing just how close he really is with the Kardashians. He refers to them as his family and says that Kim and North are his joys.

It's really good to see Kanye smiling and talking in such good spirits. Its a vast change from what we've seen from him in the media as of late. He's often portrayed as angry and hostile, so this was genius of him to appear on a show, with someone he considers family with guards down. The way Kanye was talking seemed a little weird to some, but maybe that's his happy tone and we just haven't heard it in a while.

So many had/have their speculations of Kim and Kanye's relationship from the start. Today, Kanye spoke SO highly of his love for Kim K. He said he was in love with her way before he ever met her. As for North, she is too adorable. I can't say if she looks like Kanye or Kim!

I'm happy for the great place Kanye seems to be in. May God bless their little family! Aww man... finally! North!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Brandy's Empty Concert Rumor Shut Down

I really have to learn to not take things so personally when it comes to Brandy. I think in this situation, I just hate to see so many "credible" and "mainstream" sources reporting a bogus or shady story, when the facts are so simple..

Many online sources jumped at the opportunity to say that Brandy had travelled all the way to S. Africa for her concert, and only about 40 people were there. They go on to say that she stormed off of the stage in embarrassment because the stadium sat about 90k.

While some bits and pieces of this story are accurate, a huge portion of the tale was left untold. Thanks to a rep from Brandy's camp, we are getting exactly what went down in S. Africa. Brandy has been very busy lately, in the studio with the likes of Chris Brown, and she recently announced that she will be headlining London's Musicalize on the 24th of September at Indigo2.. so the reach that she can't get a stage in this rumor is just ridiculous.

 Here's what the rep released to the YBF:

She was booked at the last minute to fly to South Africa to support a "cause"--not a concert. It was a cause that honored "Mr. Nelson Mandela" and there was other performers on the bill besides Brandy. She attended because she wanted to support the foundation and Mr. Mandela...a man who has changed history.

This whole story has been blown out of proportion and Brandy has sold out shows across the world including South Africa before.
So, please be careful again, what you believe on blogs and such. Even the credible one's are reaching for hits- and using negativity to do it. I'm glad her team cleared this up. Brandy is an artist that millions love to witness! Why someone would take a positive effort and make it seem so bad is beyond me.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Press Play: Chantae Cann ft. Snarky Puppy - Da Da N Da

Yall, my life has been so crazy lately. I've been neglecting you BabyKayKs and forgetting to post things left and right. Here's one I should've had up weeks ago! Chantae Cann is easily one of my favorite voices of all time. I have watched her voice and spirit fill a room full of people to the point that we all felt we were having some next level life experience. She's heavenly. When we interviewed her a while ago, she discussed that she was preparing to finally get her own album out. Chantae has made quite a name for herself on the local Atlanta music market, as well as worldwide singing behind the beautiful India.Arie. Fans have been patiently waiting for her to drop her original stuff, and the time has come!

For her first offiical single simply titled, Da Da N Da, Chantae partnered up with some fellas I dig a lot- a band by the name of Snarky Puppy. With these guys Chantae literally creates a sound that your ears just feast off of. She infuses Jazz and, I don't know angel or something- to give listeners an incredible treat. The simple melody grows and grows into something amazing the more Chantae's angelic voice glides through Snarky Puppy's instrumentation.

This single only made me more excited to get my hands on her album that will be out very soon. Check out this relaxing and engaging record below and upgrade your playlist with it from iTunes! Stay tuned for more from this beautiful soul.

Just Blaze Talks to Sway About Unreleased "Song Cry Prt 2" with Jay Z and New Slaughterhouse Music

Just Blaze is a producer who helped me to fall in love with Jay Z years ago. His signature records are easily some of Jay Z's most loved tracks. Out of Jay Z's entire songlist, Song Cry has to be one of the most heartfelt. People love seeing or hearing this more sentimental side of the rapper. According to longtime friend and collaborator Just Blaze who produced the record, there is sort of a Song Cry part 2 out there somewhere. Blaze recently sat down with Sway and discussed the record he hopes to convince Jay to drop someday.
Me and Jay did a song,I think it was for The Black Album, maybe,it was called Hello Young Lady, and it was kinda like a Song Cry part two. The reason we didn’t put it out was because, subject matter-wise, it was so close, like how Song Cry was three verses, these were the next three verses of that same song. We did revisit that idea right when he first started figuring out what he wanted to do with Magna Carta, and it was a contender for like a day or two. One day I’m gonna get him to put it out.

Blaze also spoke to Sway about his work on Slaughterhouse's upcoming project among what else he's been up to over the past few years.

Whew.. I've always thought Just Blaze was a cutie patootie! Here's to hoping he can get Jay to drop this record. Check his full interview with Sway out below:

Monday, August 19, 2013

Former Disney Star Lee Thompson Young (Jett Jackson) found Dead Today

This is so heartbreaking. While details are still developing, it has been reported that the body of actor Lee Thompson Young was found with a fatal bullet wound- some are reporting that the wound appeared to be self inflicted. After Young didn't show up on the set of Rizzoli & Isles today, the staff reached out to his landlord, who found him in his home deceased.

Young stole the hearts of many as the beautiful Jett Jackson on Disney's The Famous Jett Jackson. He also starred in Akeelah and the Bee and Friday Night Lights

Young was 29 yrs. old.  This story is still developing. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and fans.

New Video: Lady Gaga- Applause

Little Monsters around the world were super excited this morning to see the ever entertaining Lady Gaga on Good Morning America. She stopped by to chat a little, and to drop her brand new video for her latest single Applause.

The video is visually engaging as most of her videos have been in the past. Gaga took quite a break from the music industry and fans have been waiting for what seems like forever to get new music from her. When Applause was set to drop, Gaga found herself attempting to combat the ever so present fear of her music leaking before it's time. She released the record early and even released a lyric video shortly there after.

I'm sure fans can rest now seeing that she is back in full force. The record and the visual are true to Gaga's artistry. She's known to give her audience something to look at, and groove to. I'm glad to see her back at what she does best. Do you guys dig Gaga's visual return?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Video Chris Brown ft. Nicki Minaj- Love More

As promised just a few minutes ago, Chris Brown released his latest video. Love More is a club record ft Nicki Minaj. The single from his next album X was first introduced to fans at this years BET awards during Chris' performance.

It's no surprise that Chris Brown has stepped into the directors chair again for this comical video. He really is a multitalented young dude.  The visual for Love More is funny & engaging. Check it out HERE!

Friday, August 16, 2013

World News: Hundreds killed in ongoing Egyptian conflict surrounding president's ousting

Conflict regarding the July 3 ousting of Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi hit dangerous levels on Thursday, as military forces continue pushing out protesters backing Morsi throughout the streets of Cairo. Supporters had been camping out for several weeks, according to news reports.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beyonce Slayssss Bow Down & Gives Her Boo some Shine

I meant to post this video a few days ago. Here are the Carters having a moment at Bey's Mrs. Carter tour stop in Brooklyn. I love how they open this set with the rumor mill gossip, then Bey comes out and brinnnngs it! As Bey kills her boastful anthem, Bow Down... out comes her hubby Jay Z with his hit Tom Ford. Bey clearly loves her boo's record, she practically gives him the stage and joins later for her part in the record.

Not only does Bey slay her choreo for Bow Down here, but she also goes into another BeyHive fave- Diva towards the end. It's clear that Beyonce knows she's at the top of her game and carries that confidence into these performances. I just love this video. I always get a kick out of these two together..on stage and off.

A$AP Rocky & Rihanna Shoot Video in New York

CAN we discuss the werk Daughta is putting in in the above photo. Yes to the hair. Yes to the lip. Yes to the dress. Just yaaaassss. Looks like she is finally shooting a video with recent musical collaborator A$AP Rocky. The two have recorded Rihanna's Cockiness remix, and A$AP has shouted Rih out in a couple of his records. A$AP also recently joined Rihanna on the US leg of her Diamonds World tour, so needless to say they are good friends. Good enough for Rihanna to make an appearance in his Fashion Killa video shoot?

Well, thats what I'm going to assume. In his single, A$AP mentions Rihanna's name in reference to another woman being like her. Lucky for him, he's cool enough with Rih to get her to make a cameo. Papz and fans gathered last night in the streets of NY to watch the two shoot the vid. So far we see a scene with Rih and A$AP dressed down, sort of chillin outside like normal folks do. We also saw Rih dressed to SLAY last night though in a black and white number- which I'm assuming is also for the video. We all know A$AP is known to shut the fashion game down as well,so .. I'm sure they will show out for this video- it's only right!

While I'm positive someone will make these photos out to be something romantic because it's Rihanna... I'm sure this is just 2 good friends shooting a video together. A$AP has answered the question about him and Rih being an item many times- and according to him, there is nothing there. So until one of them says otherwise- that's the news Im rockin with.

As for le public juice on their personal lives, I think A$AP is still dating the gorgeous model Chanel Iman, and as for Rih's romantic life- I'm thinking she's single for the moment. Fans are surely excited to see what lucky man will be able to sweep her off of her feet. I'm sure there are lots of hopefuls.

Check out a few photos from the shoot below:

Check out more photos of the video shoot here!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jade Novah Premieres Official Single- Show Out

It's been quite the journey for singer/actress Jade Novah.  She's backed some of your favorite artists, and given fans some of the best covers they've ever heard. Now, her fans are finally getting Jade Novah- the solo artist! With the release of her brand new single, Show Out- Jade is officially stepping out with her sound.

We've had the pleasure of supporting Jade from the moment I became obsessed with her sound. We've even had the chance to do an exclusive Interview via twitter, allowing fans to get the 411 on her directly from the source. So, needless to say, we couldn't be more excited that her new single is finally on iTunes!!

Show Out is produced by Jade's longtime partner in music Mr. Devin Johnson, who's also the mastermind behind her Shades of Jade mixtape we fell in love with. Yall be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for these two. With SO much creativity and no fear of using it, Lord knows WHAT they'll be up to with her debut project, In Search of Me!! I can't wait!

Atlanta teen can now have heart transplant

Anthony Stokes, 15, is in dire need of a heart transplant and recently made the news because he was denied a spot on the transplant waiting list because of "non-compliance." Now his family says doctors at a Georgia hospital have changed their minds.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Electronica No ID Produced "Control"

Um. This may be Big Sean's record, but Kendrick Lamar just got hip hop heads excited. With Kendrick calling out some of the most talented rappers in the game, we could possibly see a real rap battle off. The climax of the song comes as Kendrick Lamar is rounding out the second verse:

"Who's the best MC? Kendrick, Jigga and Nas

Eminem, Andre 3000, the rest of yall
New niggas just new niggas, don't get involved
And i ain't rockin no more designer shit
White T’s and Nike Cortez, this is red corvettes annonymous
Im usually homeboys with the same niggas im rhymin wit
But this is hip hop and them niggas should know what time it is
And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big KRIT, Wale
Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake
Big Sean, Jay electron', Tyler, Mac Miller
I got love for you all but I'm tryna murder you niggas"

I'm not sure that anybody was expecting him to drop names. This could get good! I like the idea of a battle that is strictly competitive in nature and not born of ill will.

It appears that a few rappers have already responded- including Pusha T who simply tweeted that he hears Kendrick loud & clear. Something tells me we're going to be getting quite a few new records soon! 

This No ID track didn't actually make it on to Big Sean's new album Hall of Fame dropping August 27th. Big Sean announced tonight that he just wanted to drop it for fans of rap music. Crazy record.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Katy Perry - Roar (Lyric Video)

Katy Perry drops number one hits likee it's nobody's business. Just this morning she released her single, Roar on iTunes, and it immediately shot up the charts. To compliment the hype- Katy and her team have released  the offiicial lyric video that goes with the bold tune.

People are really loving this new anthem. The pop songstress has never been one to be timid or shy, anhd this new song fits her perfectly because of that. The cute little lyric video is emoticon themed- it gives the out of the box approach fans are used to from Katy.

Check out the lyric video below:

Chris Brown and LAPD Go Head to Head

Chris Brown has really been on the move lately. Just a day or so after news that he's not in the best of health hit, he was spotted out giving back to the community once again. Chris is known to love basketball, and I've witnessed him play first hand- the dude can really ball! This weekend he partnered with the LAPD to host a free bball game.

Chris' Symphonic Love Foundation partnered with gang interventionists and the LAPD, the "LA Unity Games" allowed the community to come together in a really cool way. Chris' "Team Breezy" lost by a whopping 30 points, but it appears that everyone enjoyed themselves together- which was the reason for it all anyway.

I really am happy for Chris and proud of the work he's doing in local communities. It's great to see him pressing through all of the negativity and still managing to help others. As far as his health- I've stayed clear of writing about it, because of what it appears to be to me. I hope fans will keep him in their prayers and that he will continue to do good work. People can say whatever they want to say about you- but good work, that speaks for itself. Go Chris!!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Whitney Houston

Today is Whitney Houston's 50th birthday. While she is no longer here on earth with us physically, we can never forget the beauty and gifts that she shared with us while here! It's been a very odd couple of years for many of us. The idea that she's no longer here randomly hits me, and I'm sure many of you share the same experiences. Whitney was without a doubt one of my childhood heroes, and biggest inspirations.

Whitney had a voice like no other. Her range and the excitement, diction, tone that she so easily exuded was nothing short of exceptional. The legacy she left with music will last forever. I'm sure her family and close friends will do something today to honor her 50th birthday! I'm personally jamming to her greatest hits today, reliving my childhood dreams to have that voice when I grew up! I chose the cover photo because, thats exactly what I wanted to look like too! Aw man..what a sensational human being! Happy Birthday Nippy!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jay Z and Dame Dash Hang Out Last Night

Last night the who's who of Hip Hop came together to celebrate one of Roc Nation's VIP's birthday. In the building of course was the boss man Jay Z and many other people. The photos poured out all over IG of folks partying and enjoying themselves, but the most talked about photo is without a doubt the one Dame Dash posted to his IG account.

Dame, who just recently posted a photo with a caption of how "Real" Jay is and how dope is latest album Magna Carta Holy Grail is, took to IG again to post a photo of he and old pal. While he didn't caption it with anything special, it just does hip hop fans well to see these guys smiling and in the same photo together. There were a few other candids of the two laughing it up and enjoying each other's company. While I won't reach and say this is any kind of reconciliation - because as far as I'm concerned- they reconciled a while back.... it's still good for me a see them together! I can really say that the Roc was in the buildin!

Beyonce Debuts Short Hair Cut!

Beyonce is easily one of the standards of beauty for a lot of people. She's known for her insanely beautiful and curvacious body, her gorgeous face, and usually her long flowing blonde hair. Well, last night Beyonce debuted a surprise for her fans.... a short pixie cut.

Now, some people have mixed emotions about what it looks like on her. I personally LOVE it. It's always hard to get used to short hair on a person you're used to seeing a lot of hair on. For what it's worth though- maybe it will cause some people to stop equating beauty with long hair, since Beyonce has chopped hers.

In my opinion, hair is hair. Whether it's long, short, natural, permed, curly, straight... it doesn't matter- it's just a style. Ladies do what you want with your hair. It doesn't define you. Plus if you're anything like me, you'll feel like a brand new woman every time. Go Bey! I love it.

check out her personal IG page for more photos of her new cut!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Media Personality B. Scott Files Discrimination Suit Against BET for Awards Show Fiasco

Youtube phenom turned media personality B. Scott is a well known, fabulous, and gorgeous transgender. He is known and was made popular by who he is. So, it was quite a surprise for many to learn that BET had forced him to change his clothes & shoes to appear more "manly" at their recent award show.

It was the talk of twitter when word got out. People were polarized as to whether this was right on BET's part. Well today, we've learned that B. Scott is suing BET and Viacom for discrimination, and damage to his reputation. According to Scott, BET approved his attire, but after the first segment called him backstage telling him to change, pull his hair back, mute his makeup- to basically look more manly.

According to B. Scott, even after he changed they still replaced him with singer/actress Adrienne Bailon. B. Scott says he was humiliated. He's suing BET for a couple of million dollars according to reports.

Do you think BET was right or wrong in forcing B. Scott to change to appear more manly? Do you think they knew who they brought on and shouldve just allowed him to be who he is?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Celebs and Their Sons for Ebony Magazine's Four Cover Tribute To Trayvon Martin

It really does my heart well to see people come together and lend each other support in the time of need. That's exactly what so many people from so many different backgrounds have done concerning Trayvon Martin's case. A great example of this is Ebony Magazine's series of covers for their September 2013 issue.

They consist of Trayvon's family, along with a few familiar and respected faces- along with their sons in hoodies. It's sort of a, "It could've been our kid" statement coming from some familiar faces. In an effort to keep us talking about (and questioning) the way in which this case unfolded- the likes of Spike Lee, Dwyane Wade, and Boris Kodjoe are gracing the cover with their boys.

It's a beautiful tribute to a young man who's life was taken away with no consequence. We've seen people, and organizations outside of the justice system continue to rally for something to be done. Ebony Magazine has been one of those key organizations and this issue reveals that. The We Are All Trayvon issue will consist of articles informing readers of racial profiling along with tributes from the likes of Jill Scott.

I think this is so beautiful. There have been many times in American History where the justice system has out right failed young black men. It is sad that in 2013, we're still fighting to give them a fair shot at justice- dead or alive. I salute Ebony Magazine, and encourage you to find a way to show support to this cause. There are rallies you can attend, foundations you can donate to, voting opportunities to consider more closely, and even conversations that can be had. Find a way.

Prayers for Usher and Tameka's Son Usher V

Wow, this is news I  hate to write about, but maybe some of you will send up a prayer for the little guy. Usher V, the oldest (right) of the R&B star's two sons, was injured in a pool accident according to reports. The five year old cutie was stuck under water for a short amount of time after his arm got stuck in a drain. I'm not sure how accurate the details are, but Usher V was rushed to the hospital and his parents are by his side.

I've blogged many times about Usher and Tameka's kids. They are the cutest little boys. This comes as really hard news to swallow since Tameka's 11 yr. old son died from a water accident a year ago. It's my understanding that little Usher is expected to be ok. Either way, send a prayer up for the little guy, his parents, and his siblings!

Jay Z joins Beyonce at Barclays #MrsCarterTour

The cuteness continues with these two. Last night at her Mrs. Carter World Tour- the Brooklyn show, Bey brought out her boo thang to everyone's surprise- or maybe not. Brooklyn has definitely become second home for Bey as she technically married into the family with Jay Z- one of the hometown heroes. As Bey was getting down to her boastful record, "Bow Down", her hubby Jay Z popped out to rock his hometown crowd with Holy Grail and Tom Ford.

Of course Brooklyn LOVED it! Bey appeared to as well. The chemistry between these two on stage is undeniable. They are truly fans of one another and that is sooo cute! Check out their set below.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nicky Romero Talks New Record with Rihanna

Rihanna is currently in her hometown of Barbados celebrating Crop Over. Every year, fans are excited to see what celebratory photos Rihanna and her crew will post from the historic Bajan tradition. Before she left for home, Rih introduced the world to her new do. The short black curly style has- as all of her hairstyles- stolen headlines. It's adorable. Rih is fresh off of the European leg of her sold out Diamonds World Tour. So, to see such a hard working woman kick back and rest for a minute is great.

Some fans have wondered if the pop princess (who has a tradition of releasing an album a year) will drop one this November. Fans have practically been pleading for new music from her. Not that her last album Unapologetic is not everything, but they've been spoiled with an album a year- and most would love a new one. Well, one of the producers responsible for Right Now, a jam on her latest album just spilled the beans about another "out the box" record he's working on with Rihanna... could this mean an album is coming after all? 

Who knows? At the Superwoman rate this girl works- I would not be surprised. Check out Nicky Romero's exclusive with MTV below.

Get More: 
Nicky Romero, Music News

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Taraji P Henson, Wale, and Rosie Perez appear in Jay Z's new video Picasso Baby

Shawn "Jay Z" Carter invited fans and media to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. Jay Z who is really a lover of the arts, became the exhibit himself to a room full of on lookers. He dropped in to New York's Pace Gallery and performed his hit  Picasso Baby from his latest album Magna Carta, Holy Grail.

The video display's Jay interacting with fans and other people in the business of making art. It's really cool to see the different faces who made an appearance. Check this really cool video out below.