Sunday, July 28, 2013

YASSS!! TLC Rocks the Mixtape Festival Stage Last Night with Lil Mama

Chilli and TBoz hit the stage last night at the Mixtape Festival. It was a huge performance for the legendary group members for many reasons. TLC fans who have been riding with them from day one are anxious for all of the cool things these ladies have coming up. We should be getting new music from them soon. They also were hands on with the new movie about their career set to air on VH1 that looks like it's going to be SO good (ironically Keke Palmer is also in this film).

Last night at the festival TBoz and Chilli shut it down. These women are still handling the stage just like they did 20 yrs. ago. Do yall SEE CHILLI?! This is insane. I feel like I'm going back in time. She still looks the same and is still moving the same. Crazy. T Boz broke it down for us at the end of the below video and went in as well. Who said they no longer have it?!

In the below video they also bring out Lil Mama during Left Eye's part of No Scrubs- to much controversy. Many people had much to say about that move. Thankfully, for the 100th time, TBoz and Chilli both address those people and their rumors in the below video as well. Check it out! Man.. go TLC!!!!!!!

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