Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Is There Any Good in @ChrisBrown?

Be Advised this is Loooooooooooong! -venting.. no apologies it's my site..carry on. xo

Well if you go off of what the media portrays your answer- though ignorant- may be a strong no. I held off a few days on blogging Chris' most recent positive endeavors. I wanted to observe a few things like- what outlets posted it with no tainted ending, what stories did Chris & his team share on twitter, and how did the fans react?

Chris Brown is known for a lot of things. As a celebrity it's really easy for media to pick at or pick through celebrity lives to display whatever they'd like. Chris is one that media (for the most part) has chosen to paint a rather disturbing picture of.  Of course he has played a role in creating some buzz, he doesnt always make the best decisions, but for the most part Chris Brown is just an easy target. His mistakes are made public, known, easily accessible to millions of people- unlike our mistakes.

We've all had moments when we let our emotions get the best of us. Chris has a lot of these moments. Ironically, his twitter outbursts and relationship woes get way more media attention than the real life changing things that he does regularly. Chris has his own foundation that aims to encourage the arts as a healthy means of expression for young people. The Symphonic Love Foundation has provided food, educational supplies, health resources, scholarships, time (with Chris), and more to many people in need. As amazing as that sounds, you probably wouldn't think "charitable " at the mention of Chris' name, because many of these stories get pushed to the side for the "juicier" ones.

How is this possible? Well, once the media paints a picture..they cling to it. IF someone is going to write about his charitable work they make sure to mention something that was done wrong- to maintain the picture. His fans in their fury often circulate these stories for lack of knowledge and understanding of how the digital media world works. So, while they feel they're helping him, they are often just circulating more tainted news of their favorite celeb. I only know of a few major television outlets that have captured or featured Chris' charitable work, and none at the pace at which they'd featured his low moments.

Are we as a society this drawn to negative energy? Do people really only see Chris as a tainted soul? Is Chris Brown that easy of a target for the drama thirsting media outlets? I'm not sure what the answer is, it may be a combination of all of them. What I do know is, this negative media trolling of Chris is not getting us anywhere. It cannot be mentally healthy for a person to endure such public scrutiny and backlash while his positive efforts are ignored. Has society not gotten enough of raising our celebrities to God like status and then condemning them to hell when they turn out to be human just like us?

One can only pray that celebs like Chris have something solid and stable to hold on to. One can only hope a counselor or a Pastor, or a mother is there to advise. It would be ideal for Chris to never respond to a negative story and promote the blogs that constantly criticise him, but in my experience in watching this young man mature..he isn't there yet. Chris is a very sensitive person, and he seems to take everything to heart. My advice is that he relinquish the media part of his twitter account to someone who can professionally run it.

I'd love to see him come on twitter and only attend to his loyal fan base by interacting with them and answering questions. I'd love to see him support some of their personal blog stories about him. They are the people who follow him the closest- not just when he's having a moment of poor choices.I'd like to see him stop lending his celebrity to some of the same blogs/media outlets that tear him down consistently on the rare occasion they want to get hits with a positive story. I'd like his fans to flat out ignore the social media stunts of these outlets. If it comes down to needing to defend Chris.. hit up the comments sections of these write ups with links from positive stories. It's really that simple. Sucks we can't always have what we want. :)

I believe that Chris Brown is one of the best artists this generation will ever know. He's just uber talented on many levels. I believe he's a bit down in spirits after such a long battle of public scrutiny, but even all of this is opinion. On the flip side of that, the charitable efforts consistently put forward by Chris (who often involves his fans to assist) are hard facts. Shoes on the feet of kids- hard facts. Giving scholarships- hard facts. Volunteering regularly with people with disabilities- facts. Providing health resources to millions of fans on a fun and interactive site- thats a hard fact. Inspiring young people to press through their difficulties- thats factual, bloggable, and uplifting information.

I'm sure that someone would argue that he's only doing it because he has to.. Well I don't know how much of it he "has" to do. I do know that when time from the heart , food, clothes, school supplies are given to people who REALLY need them- I do know that the "why" means very little. He's probably done/doing more than you to help someone else..which is another blog...

We are a very critical society when it comes to celebrities. We've developed this well accepted practice of building them up to only tear them down and laugh while we're at it. This has been true for nearly all of the greats of our time. I'm not sure how much longer Chris Brown will be making music, or a positive impact where he can, but I hope it's for a lot longer. I hope he can navigate through the media's obsession with his mistakes with a mature attitude. He's got everything else it takes to come out on top. He's got a lot more to learn at 24. Im sure with time he'll figure the important things out, but the guy deserves a fair shot at life, failures, mistakes, growth..all celebs do.. all humans do. Furthermore if you're coming from a good place "reporting" his lows, then you will absolutely jump at the chance to report his highs.

As for the media outlets anxiously awaiting his next bad decision, he's made a few good ones. Visit www.symphoniclovefoundation.org, I am sure you'll find something nice you can say about this young man there. xo


  1. I so agree with you. He has done some very questionable things but I have a soft spot for Chris and I am a Mid 30's fan. I just wish the media would let him live his life and grow as a young man should. I know its hard not to look at his personal life because all of it is played out in front of the world. I just wish peace for him because I am sure its not easy to have so much hate thrown at you on a daily (I could never live a celebrity life). So I thank you for having a positive blog. xo

  2. Personally I think he needs to take a class on how to treat and respect women, probably then he will find peace.

  3. Very good piece....

  4. We honestly dont know the whole story as far as his personal life....we dont know how much Chris is hurting, what he went through, or what happened behind closed doors. I just pray that he finds peace, and know that he is AMAZING!!!!

  5. Nice article, so is he doing all this charity work to buy a new image ?. We have seen this before when people in the spotlight start to hold and cuddle babies and go into poor areas to distribute things and donate clothing . just to make sure they are in the papers and media and so people will think good of them. Is this a genuine effort or is this because his album is dropping soon and he doing the PR on it.

  6. Much Respect to you for the article, a lot of people don't look as far into a person heart to see good its always the outside of the person we look at

  7. Very nice article and I agree with you. I believe this applies to any celeb that has been in trouble before. In society we are so inudated with violent actions. Its sad but news outlets headline violence, confrontations andd anything else that paints a celeb in a negative light. Why? Because those types of stories is what earns them money and website hits. Chris has made many charitable donations and been successful with Symphonic Love. With that being said, I believe it is essential for Chris to be held accountable for the company he keeps. If one is trying make a change it needs to be full circle. For example, the incident that happened years ago, she eventually forgave him and they got back together. Now, we do not know what happened for the recent break, but to allow your so called "friends" disrespect her for the world to see is disgusting. True we cannot control one's actions BUT he can control who he keeps as company. I don't care how angry you get with a bf/gf you don't allow people to bring that negative energy into your space. It's sad that he considers guys his friends that say his girlfriend (ex, soulmate)"f*cks too many n*ggas, wishes someone beats her ass, etc." That's cool?! That's absolutely disgusting...and until he chooses to rid himself of people that continue to bring negative energy around him, this will continue to happen. If I were in his shoes I would be thanking the lord that the love of my life had forgiven me and continued to grow for the better. Thanks for the article.