Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yessss! New Music! Amel Larrieux- Afraid

She arguable has one of the most recognizable and beautiful voices of all time. Even if you can't pronounce her name- you know her jams. You sing along to "Tell me if you want me to, give you all my time...", her 90s jam with Groove Theory, or "you're the only other half that makes me whole", one of the best love/wedding songs ever recorded.  Amel Larrieux's voice happens to feel like a breeze against your face in really hot weather.

Amel has been in the industry forever. She's one of those artists who other singers adore for her presence on a track. Her voice is light- it reminds me of a butterfly that gently lands on a flower. It's just beautiful. This is why I'm SO glad that she's back at it with her brand new single, Afraid. I'm SO happy that this gorgeous person is still making music. Timeless music at that. I'd encourage you to go get her albums if your playlists feel empty. If they are missing some heart and soul.. get AMEL!

Check out her brand new release Afraid below. Yess.... feels so good!

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