Saturday, June 22, 2013

Yes! Nas Hops on J. Cole's track! Let Nas Down REMIX ft. NAS!

Yessssssssssss! I can't say anything! We've been waiting for this! J.Cole was rumored to have a song called Let Nas Down. Rumor had it that Nas felt some kinda way about it. Well.. just now Nasir dropped this remix! He jumped on Cole's ode... wowzers.

The original record is such a heartfelt track, Cole bared his soul. He'd spent years admiring Nas' lyricism, but battled in his own career with being that dope lyricist or being commercial. Few Hip Hop artists these days can master being both. After getting a call saying that Nas wasn't feeling a record he'd dropped Cole was hit hard. Somewhat insulted, but inspired at the same time- he recorded Let Nas Down.

Nas comes on this remix and clears all of that up. Get J. Cole's Born Sinner in stores now. Here Cole's original and Nas' response below. This is why I love Hip Hop!

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