Thursday, June 20, 2013

Three COOL Things You'll be able to do with Instagram for Videos!

Wowzers.. can't say I didn't see this one coming. With the app Vine taking over as it has been, it was only right that another popular app- Instagram step it's game up. Instagram allows users to share pictures with one another. The photos can be filtered, edited, collaged.. all sorts of things. Being able to share photos in real time with your friends and online pals has made Instagram a huge hit among social media heads.

Recently an app called Vine popped up that allows the same sharing, but with short videos. Even I- just recently bit the dust and downloaded the app. It's quite fun. My first opinion of it was- "this is cool, but it's definitely lacking.", being so used to Instagram there are few features I was hoping to have. Well, today with the official announcement of Instagram for video- I am literally getting all of my wishes. Here are a few things that will make Instagram for video different from Vine:

1.) Filtering! This is one of the most loved properties of Instagram. Being able to edit and change the appeal of a photo with filters not only allows for enhancing photos, but it lets users get really creative! Insta for Vids will allow the same filtering here. Insta for vids won't be the first to have filtering though- users on Social Cam have had it for a while.

2.) Potential to export Vids as gifs! This makes me excited. Being that I'm highly amused by gifs (short video clips) on twitter.. the idea that an app will now allow users to make those from their own videos and quick is interesting! This is going to be fun!! *This features is not confirmed on the first release, but I've been reading around  that it's a possible update.- but would be epic right?!

3.) Access to videos on your phone! Vine only allows users to record and use videos created with the app. Insta for vids will allow users to post videos already stored on their devices. This is a win anyway, considering how often "Throwback" posts are put up on social media sites!

Instagram for videos will have loads of other cool features as well, but these three are sure to be my faves. What makes all of this even MORE interesting? Well- Twitter owns Vine, and Facebook owns Instagram......... it's the war of our ages!!!  I'm sure Vine will be able to stick around a little longer, but it sure does have some heavy competition!

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