Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jay Z talks Blue Ivy & The Importance of Fatherhood

In these Magna Carta videos featuring Jay Z and his thought process behind making this album, Jay is opening up to his fans about well, lots of things. Jay is very introspective on this album from what we can tell from these videos so far. He discusses slavery, pop culture, his love for his wife, I mean he is putting it all on the table.

In the latest video released (below)  Jay briefly discusses the meaning behind a track called Jay Z Blue. You can tell from the title that it has to do with the love of his life, his daughter with Beyonce- Blue Ivy. We've seen Jay Z toting her around and spending lots of time with her. I have always known that he'd be a great dad, but according to this song- he's not always been so sure. Check Jay Z speaking about the importance fatherhood below.

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