Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jay Z & Samsung Make the Rules with New Album Magna Carta Holy Grail Out July 4th!

Seriously. What do you do when you've done it all? You do it over again, but like it's never been done before. This is making the Blueprint.. the pattern to follow... this has been Jay Z's way for as long as I- a die hard fan-can remember. So, I was not surprised to learn this past week that he had something major up his sleeve with Samsung. When the press release subtly made it's way around the internet I was buzzed to find out just what IT was going to be.

Well, here we have it ladies and gents. The guy has teamed up with some of his favorite producer friends for- AN ALBUM! Tonight during the NBA Finals, Samsung showed out by airing a really dope commercial featuring Jay and his buddies. Jay, Rick Rubin, Pharrell, Timbo, & Swizz Beats were in a studio, all clowning around about this new music he's set to release. The commercial unfolds like a mini documentary.  A few seconds in and boom.. you see Samsung's pitch "The next big thing"... this is major.. MAJOR!

Samsung has basically pre purchased 1 million copies of Jay Z's new album out July 4th- Magna Carta Holy Grail. Samsung will basically give those copies away just days before the album is available for purchase via their app. This is genius for many reasons. First of all... it's a really cool way for Samsung to show off, and Jay wins as well. He's a visionary in this video- this is very well thought out. Consider what this will be for Jay in sales before his album is even released! Consider what this will do for Samsung in their plight to compete with Apple's ever evolving reach for cultural dominance.

LISTEN! I love my fave for these types of moves. He's ten steps ahead of your favorite rapper- call him a mogul for a reason. Magna Carta Holy Grail July 4th. Break the rules. Make the rules. BOOM!

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