Monday, June 10, 2013

#HistoRih in the Making: Rihanna is at it Again

The above photo is of a stadium sold out to capacity at about 80 thousand people. There are only a few living artists who can do this on their own. You'd expect this type of crowd from someone with a long career, a billion records, and at least  someone who has made it out of their twenties right?

Well, no. This crowd came for a 25 yr. old chic from the left side of Barbados. Yes..our girl Rih Rih is currently strutting across the globe throwing stadium parties with her Navy. I mean, that is basically how Rihanna tours. She makes sure to meet fans, talk to them, exchange gifts, sneak kisses from their kids. It's literally a big family reunion for  her and her Navy.

It's also just another moment for the 25 year old mega star to solidify her place in music historih. From the looks of her career, she wakes up to make historih. This past weekend she performed in front of a sold out stadium of 80 thousand fans. EIGHTY THOUSAND people there.. just to see her.

The Stade de France performance was marked as historical because Rihanna joins the ranks of only two other black artists to headline it...and check out the line up. She's rubbing shoulders with Prince and Tina Turner!!!!! Legendary!

The historih doesn't stop there. Rihanna is also the youngest artist to headline the event. I swear this girl makes this look easy.

The Navy in my twitter timeline took a moment to go back down memory lane. Some of them, like Shayla has been Navy from the beginning. She tweeted me that she remembers her first concert- a club show Rihanna did. She still has pictures and all.

It's amazing to see Rihanna's fan base so devoted. It's so great to see them growing with her. It's great that they can see someone go from a supposed "one hit wonder" from the Island of Barbados to world superstar status. I'm here for it. Go offf Rih!!!!

Wonder what she'll do next.

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  1. I love that she doesn't give up and keeps growing in what she does.