Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gallest Performs London Show- Rihanna Comes out to Support

Gallest is probably most known as the sibling of one of the biggest artists to ever exist, but to many who have paid closer attention, he's a stand alone artist in his own right. A few months ago I featured his  mixtape entitled "In My Mind" as an introduction for many to the his music. The mixtape laced with covers of some of music's most jammed to records of last year impressed thousands catipulting our understanding of just who Gallest the artist is.

This past weekend, I'm sure dude felt like a million bucks as he performed at London's Boujis club with his family and friends there to root him on. Rih who is currently on tour made sure to promote her big little brother by tweeting out some encouraging words:
" We gon be there getting ratch nasty wit you!",
 the 25 yr. old blasted to fans as only she could. According to reports Rih was the loudest in the building cheering on her bro. Not surprised- her admiration for her two brothers has always been obvious. The feedback on twitter was very clear- he shut his show down!!

Gallest credits Jay Z and Outkast among his musical influences. Their versitility and word play inspire his creativity. One listen to his flow and you can tell this guy is the real deal. His lyricism and the way he rides the beat are both signs of someone honing their craft. What I can really appreciate is his desire to work his way through it on his own. With In My Mind still jamming on playlists all around the world- hip hop heads are buzzing about what he  has to offer. Keep an ear out for more to come from him! Congrats to Gallest on a great show in London.

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