Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fan hit in head by Miguel at Billboard Awards may have brain damage

It was the crash landing none of us will soon forget. The woman that was hit by singer Miguel after he leaped over a crowd at this year's Billboard Music Awards suffered a pretty bad head injury. Now it is reported that the impact may have caused brain damage.

Audience member Khyati Shah was among the crowd at the awards show in Las Vegas when Miguel came short of making the jump from the main stage to another section in front of the pit. Miguel struck her head with his right thigh and the blow made Shah's head hit the stage. After his performance, Shah and Miguel did an interview and he held an ice pack on her elbow then tweeted, "Got caught up in moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay."

Now it seems Shah's head injury is more serious than we all thought because she suffered from symptoms consistent with brain damage, according to a report by TMZ. Shah's lawyer told TMZ that some of the difficulties are cognitive in nature and lead to suspicion of a neurological head injury. He also said that Billboard execs should have sent Shah to a hospital instead of offering a simple ice pack. 

As Shah and her lawyer wait for results from a neurology test this week or next, it will determine if she will proceed with a lawsuit. Shah's lawyer has not spoken to Miguel's lawyers but told TMZ he is open to a settlement. 
From Khyati Shah's Facebook account

Check out this video clip of Miguel's failed attempt at pit jumping.

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