Sunday, May 19, 2013

Paparazzi Gets TOO close to Rihanna & Disses Chris Brown to her- Hear her response

You know what? I need there to be some sort of distance law for papz. This is insane. The above video gives you a few moments in the life of one of the biggest stars on the planet right now. Rihanna is simply leaving an airport and the mayhem is crazy. Rih is attempting to walk to her vehicle, shielding her face from the bright camera flashes and trying to navigate her way through the obsessive crowd who are all too close in my opinion.

Let's say someone really was obsessed and wanted to harm her... this video shows how easy that would've been. Along with the crazy closeness some of them were bold enough to speak out to Rih. One fan gives her a full out performance which is hilarious, but a little exaggerated.  Another person who sounds like  a pap I've heard taunting celebs before yells out to Rihanna numerous times about how she's glad she dropped Chris and how he sucks!

What was Rihanna's response to all of this? A simple, "Calm down.", as she enters her car with a calm I can't understand in such a situation. Celebs of late have been in more danger than ever due to these types of crowds. Not just physically. I wouldn't doubt that with what seems to be a break up between Rih and Chris in the public eye, that this is hard for Rih to have to face. No woman wants to be yelled at about her personal life like that.. ever.

This video just doesn't sit well with me. Sucks celebs have to endure this. There is no making sense of it.

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