Monday, May 13, 2013

New Behind the Scenes- Rihanna for River Island Summer Collection (Video)

Rihanna takes fans behind the scenes of her creative process for her River Island Summer collection. You get to see how excited she is to develop this line, and her reasons for creating it as she has. Her crew was most of her inspiration because they are so diverse in taste and style. Rih also has put her bff Melissa on by using some of her infamous photography as graphics.

Rihanna designed things that she wants to wear and hopes that everybody else will want to wear it too. She's such a hard working girl, and she always stays fresh while doing it. Her selective muted floral prints, and light textured clothes are all very sexy and rock and roll inspired of course. Her line gives off the same juxtaposing aura as she does-part lady, part sex symbol, part rockstar- all of that makes up Rih and her line.

The collection is available May 25th!

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