Sunday, May 5, 2013

Music That Moves Me: Mary Mary- Thank You!

This is a remake of a very popular and really, a classic gospel song called Thank You by the infamous Gospel music family- the Hawkins. I do encourage you guys to listen to this all the way through to the end. It is a song that allows you to simply stop and reflect on just how well off you are.

This song is sang all over the world still and I believe it was recorded before I was born! Mary Mary is a very popular Gospel duo. I personally appreciate their abilities to reach some of the young generation through their music, but also maintain their true Gospel roots. I love this song and I'm sure if you take the lyrics in, you'll love it too.

Hopefully this is a reminder to you to be thankful no matter what. Life is tough sometimes, but you still have lots to be thankful for. I hope this song encourages you as it does me when I hear it! Here's to a great week!

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