Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Matt Kemp Unaware His Random Act of Kindness was Recorded (Touching Video)

If you know me, you know that I don't really do much baseball. You also know that Matt Kemp is my boo in my head and we go wayyyyyyy back. Most of us love Matt because he's a great baseball player. He's nothing to mess with when he's on. Others of us just love the fact that he's darn near perfect to look at. Well, here's another reason to adore the Dodgers star.

Sunday during the game, Steve Jones a father of a cancer stricken young man Joshua Jones had a brief conversation with Dodgers Third Base Coach Tim Wallach. He told Tim that his son was very sick, and unable to speak but that he's a huge Dodgers fan, and his favorite player of all time is Matt Kemp.

Wallach brought the two a baseball as a gift, but the Dodger love didn't end there. As the game ended Matt Kemp is video'd walking up to the boy and his father. He reaches over the rail to shake hands, but instead the boy hands him a baseball. Matt signs it, and then in an act that only a true fan would see the real value in- Matt disrobes. He takes off his infamous number 27 Dodgers jersey, and hands it to the boy. Then he removes his cleats, and does the same thing.

The father shakes Matt's hand again and it may just be me, but I swear I saw a smile in the young man's eyes as his favorite baseball player of all time gave him most of his uniform.

There's more to love about this story. Matt woke up yesterday morning to this story being all over the place- according to him, it was meant to be a private moment:

I didn't know that anybody was filming it, I wasn't aware. 
It's just something I felt probably would have cheered him up a little bit, help him out a little bit. I just did it.Hopefully that made that kid's day.

Matt explained Tuesday. His random act of kindness that most likely enhanced this boy's life and made his father feel so proud, was not done to be seen by the world. It's just great when people do things and don't  need to broadcast it. The boy went to his instagram account to thank Matt with the photo above and this post:

"Thanks Matt. I will never forget that moment!!!" …

There are so many reasons to love Matt Kemp. Geez this story touched me. My prayers are with the boy and his family, what  a moment for a true Kemp fan! BEASTMODE!

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