Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When Brandy is Your Mom

Starz are getting to see a lot more of Brandy's personal life as of late. She's really opened her heart to us in behind the scenes videos and things like that. I got to see her interact with her adorable daughter Sy rai when she was here a few months ago. One thing is clear, Bran loooooooves her baby.

In the below footage we get to see what we already knew.. Sy rai has heard some SINGIN in her life. When Brandy is your mom you're definitely afforded an incredible ear in music by default. Listen...when her phone calls sound like that... babygirl's impression is probably hard to come by. Sy rai is a little cutey. I wonder if she'll continue the tradition of music like her family or maybe go into something else creative.

It's just really cute for me to see Bran as a mom. It seems like Sy rai grew up over night really. Check out a random phone call between mommy & daughter below. Also check out a few hilarious moments thanks to Bran and her team's Japan adventure. She is hilarious.

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