Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Video of the Moment: Chris Brown #FineChina

I can't describe how much I'm loving this song at the moment. This is the lane I love Chris Brown  in.

Of course he's an epic pop artist and makes a lot of dance tracks, but truth be told, the boy is a SINGER. He needs records that display that too on the radio.

This song has been receiving praise from everybody. It's fresh and gives  a Michael Jackson groove in 2013. It's just great!

Chris went on an epic promo tour for this single and video (which is also something unique and MJ-esque) hitting up radio stations and answering questions he has been swerving for years.

It 's clear to me that something is going right in Chris' life at the moment. I hope he stays focused on his incredible gift and abilities. This new album X is sure to be something special!

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