Friday, April 12, 2013

Drake Says He Makes Chris Brown Insecure in New Interview & so on....

Tonight Drake caught up with Elliott Wilson to discuss everything. New music, business ventures, YM, Wayne, a whole lot was discussed. What seems to be the highlight though is Drake finally speaking his mind on the ongoing beef he has with Chris Brown.

The world speculates that Chris and Aubrey (Drake) are at ends because of Rihanna. What did Rih do..? Tell two grown men to interview beef over her and throw bottles? I doubt that.

Chris has made a few comments, he's had some twitter moments, they've been in the media for bottle fights... a lot has happened.

Tonight to my partial delight, Drake made a lot of valid points, I was riding with him for a lot of what he said. He was mature about some of it, but before I could cozy my cute little bum into my seat, the shade came pouring in.

It was extremely subtle but defiiiintely there. He talked about the media playing on Chris' insecurities.

According to Drake, he(Drake), "makes better music than him (Chris), is more popping than him, and at one time the woman he (Chris) loves fell into my lap, and I did what any real nigga would do and treated her with respect."

Interesting enough just a few more seconds down the interview and the "respect" for Rih is out of the window when he clarifies that he's not thinking about "that girl" (Rihanna).. Elliott immediately says "All respect to her" and Drake replies, "I guess. You can put the cordial words in there." Drake. Dude. Come on. The "I guess" was such an "I guess" that a woman gives with her eyes rolling and her mouth turned up.

Chris made sure to come online and tweet, "Lol" almost immediately after the interview aired.

I'm saddened by this. It's funny on the surface, but foolish overall. They are so emotional!!!!!! LOL

Christopher and Aubrey and these high or low levels of testosterone or lack there of need to figure it out. No need to compliment one another or even defend one another in one sentence, only to shade or diss in the next. I have respect for both of these men as artists, but this whole Bajan War V is becoming trite, and for what? Find some grown man and use it guys.

Annnnywho, I've written more than I planned. Check out the full interview  below. Part 4 has all of the Chrianna talk.

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