Friday, March 29, 2013

In 2013 Yall Believe Any Chrianna Story- No Matter How the Facts Contradict

Yo.. this is a  long post so get ready!

I get so tickled. So I'm on a social media fast, which is why you BabyKayKs have only seen me tweeting blog posts for the past week. It's been a bit hard, but for the most part I'm toughing it out, and learning a lot.  I PROMISE I'm not ignoring anybody. I miss yall. That along with corporate america now kicking my behind, I'm having to find the oddest times to blog certain things.

Today was one of those days I wanted so badly to tell corporate america to just give me one minute... I had so much to say! I wanted to talk about my boo Brandy, and news, and Chrianna! So much to say- no time. Now.. I'm making the time.

Now-when I say Chrianna in this post title, I mean the two of them not as a couple- just as people.

It started this morning with Chris Brown's Exclusive Interview with Big Boy. While I'd seen some of the interview yesterday and was pretty clear on at least one point of it .. somehow, my peers in the blogging industry missed something. I saw posts and emails about Chris saying he and Rih had broken up. This stemmed from a clip Big Boy played from Chris' last visit..

 I'm not even going to go into anything about Chrianna being together, being broken up, married, whatever.. my whole point.................................................. use your own brains and ears and listen to the full interview. Think folks. You can't allow blogs to dictate what you think, because the reality is..we get paid to make you visit our sites.Some of us more than others.. but paid none the less.

Some of you not only promote what you claim to dislike or hate, but you put money in the pockets of the people spreading the stuff.. but that's tmi for yall.


Rihanna has always had this bad gal persona in the industry. This is who she's been for years. Her industry image is all the way rock star, bad gal, sex goddess, etc. So, it's never a surprise for Rihanna to have or tweet cocky lyrics, or post something on IG that makes you say, "WOAH!"! It's simply a part of who she is as an artist.

All things when I happened to be dm'd by a member of the Beyhive, I was a bit surprised. I was told to go look at Rihanna's twitter/IG page. It appears Rih has been crowned the most influential pop star in Britain .. and to no surprise. Feel how you feel about her music, but you canNOT logically deny her stats, her work ethic, her brand.

When I stumbled upon her twitter page, nothing surprised me.In typical Rihanna form, she tweeted out the news to congratulate her Navy. The IG post happens to also mention that Beyonce (who just released a pretty cocky diss record herself), and Rih's industry gal pal Katy Perry both trail her on the list.

With the photo Rihanna posted a caption that didn't sit well with people.
I only know how to be number 1!! I could use a challenge... "How dat feel down there on ya knees, Huh?!" 
 They assumed she was just making up something to diss Beyonce and Katy. This would probably make sense save a few key points. 1.) Rihanna loves Bey and Katy...she's made that known. 2.) She put the "diss" portion of her caption in quotation marks- that shouldve been a sign it wasn't just a personal caption to diss the ladies. 3.) The widely reported "diss" is actually a line from a Rihanna song released years ago (G4L).

I mean.. I know we Pisces are insanely intuitive, but dang.. Rih  couldn't have known then that Bey would release a record called Bow Down talking about her reign in the industry just a week prior to Britain crowning Rih their most influential pop artist..... lets just think folks.

At the end of the day, there is room for everybody at the top- in their lane. Theres room for Rihanna, there's room for Bey, Katy has her spot too. I personally don't want a Beyonce making Rihanna music, or vice versa. I love them as artists for who they always have been.

A lot of times fans, and mainly media make things into more than what they are, and it's proven successful for every little ship out there without a sail. They are slaves to every wind and whim. For those of you who don't LOVE the drama... I say Rih's Rihaction was her normal reaction, and not personal at all.

Just like Beyonce gladly released a record saying how boss she was above the rest, Rih did that a few years ago and resurrected those lyrics today. It is fact that they fell beneath her on that list. We can't say it's fact that she meant to intentionally insult them personally.

Overall I think Rihanna and Chris have been through soooooooo much that they are an easy target for misleading media schemes. It's sad but true. Just know that every media source out there isn't interested in the hoopla.. Chris and Rih both are interesting artists enough in reality to not have to fabricate anything.


  1. Three words.... God Bless You! I read through your comment without cringing.
    I still do not buy the fact that blogs have to spew so much negativity to attract readers and be paid. I deem those blogs lazy and mean spirited.
    You wrote a beautiful article about fanbase perception and there is no one who will come across this without reading it.
    Blogs do not have to be mean spirited, wicked, spiteful, full of lies with no facts, to be read.
    I feel such writers are dumb haters, hiding under the disguise of a blogger, as such do not give them my time of day.
    It is sad for those who actual believe this baseless sensational stories.. question I ask is, where is your head at, cos the stories never add up!